18 March 2009

Fashion Statement or Blind Man Walking?

Spotted: Justin Timberlake in TriBeCa wearing glasses! This photo was taken about a week and a half ago, but I never saw it until now because I was up to my ears in schoolwork. Somehow I missed it in the media shuffle; even my mother saw it before me.

(photo from justjared.com)

I think NYC hipster culture has finally rubbed of on Justin Timberlake during his residency on the East Coast. Or maybe he really just can't see. Whatever the case, Justin looks hot and I'm not just saying that because I wear glasses and I love him.

** Update **

I just found another photo of Justin wearing glasses that dates back to this past January. He really can't see!

Aww, he can't see, but he looks adorable.

(photo from jtimb.blogspot.com)

** Double Update **

Wow. Justin's really taking this glasses thing to heart. Here he is landing at LAX Airport with Jessica Biel wearing those spectacular specs. <3

(photo from jtimb.blogspot.com)

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