24 March 2009

I'm in Love ...

... with these shoes! They only cost $34.80 and you can get them at Forever 21.

I've never been in a Forever 21 in my life. I walked by one in a mall once and that was about it. I think I need to find one fast. These Fringe Open Toe Boots are hot!

(photo from forever21.com)

You know what else are hot? My new American Eagle Patent Krystal Ruffle Pumps from Payless. They're $27.99 and adorable. They also come in champagne if you want a lighter neutral.

(photo from payless.com)

My friend recently bought a pair of Steve Maddens that are almost identical to these, but hers were actually cheaper than mine because they were on sale. Points for you Macy's! (Click the link below the photo to hear her tale.)

(photo from misswhoeveryouare.com)

So similar. Makes you wonder who designs all of these shoes?

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