30 March 2009

It's Always the Artists

I'm half asleep right now, but somehow I managed to discover Keri Hilson's music video from the Twitter post of one of the singers I follow (Travis Garland). He said, "holy keri hilson this is a good video." I agree. I know Keri's a good writer, but I'm not really feeling her debut. It's like when Nicole from PCD went solo, she annoyed me to death. I may not be a Keri fan, but I am a Kanye fan. I'm so in love with everything he's doing right now, from 808s and Heartbreak to LVs & Autotune mixtape. The boy's on fire! I love that he's playing an artist in the video. You know how I feel about artists (Leo's amazing abs in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, Blue's dreamy eyes in Degrassi, etc.).

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