17 March 2009

Photo of the Day

Justin Nozuka by Anthony Lavdanski
photo from myspace.com/justinnozuka

Kyra Sedwick isn't a stranger to you right? You know, wife of Kevin Bacon, star of The Closer, aunt of Justin Nozuka? For those of you who've never heard of Justin Nozuka, listen up. He may be relatively unknown to you now, but he won't be once I'm through with you.

Born in New York and raised in Toronto with six siblings, Justin named his debut album Holly after the single mother who raised him. As a daughter of a single mother myself, I love that he honored his mother with the album title. Justin's debut is an earthy mix of pop, soul and rock reminiscent of an early John Mayer. If John Mayer's award-winning, multi-platinum career is any indication, I think Justin has an amazing future ahead of him.

For more on Justin, check out his MySpace and be sure to pick up your copy of Holly now. While you're at it, why not buy the NRJ Sessions EP too.

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