16 March 2009

Spring Break - Day 1

While some of my classmates are hitting the sand and surf, I'm staying in the good ol' US of A. My first day at home was a busy one. When I woke up, my mom informed me she was able to reserve Jimmy Fallon tickets for us; so if you're going to the April 17th taping, I'll see you there!

photo from latenightwithjimmyfallon.com
commentary and crown by me

When I finally got out of bed around noon, I got my hair done (a much-needed to-do on my list). In the process of running a couple of errands, I met Heavy D's brother. I had no idea they were Jamaican. Go figure. He said Heavy D's coming out with a new album soon, so be on the lookout for it guys! You know Now That We Found Love was your jam when you were 3 ... or maybe that was just me.

Anyways, my mom and I were in the supermarket and suddenly she yells, "It's Patrick Swayze!" She meant he was on the cover of Star magazine. I thought she meant Patrick Swayze had materialized out of thin air in Stop & Shop. Oops.

While standing on the checkout line, I spotted some random teeny-bopper magazine about the hottest 25 stars under 25. I really only flipped through it to see if Chris Brown was in it. As I scanned page by page I learned 3 things: (1) Chris was nowhere to be found, (2) the guys from 90210 are really hot (if only the storylines and acting were better; I would totally watch) and (3) I know so much about young Hollywood that I could answer every question in the quiz at the back of the mag correctly.

After picking up take out from my favorite Italian restaurant (Posto 22), I settled in with the best flan ever and watched Gossip Girl. First of all, the previews for the new episode and the show were two different things! Secondly, I totally forgot about the Rachel-Dan student-teacher relationship storyline. Has the shown been off the air for that long?

photo from cwtv.com

Anyways, here are my thoughts on the episode:
* Blair/Leighton's real-life boyfriend's back! (that explains the flashback to Conner in the pre-show preview).
* Age of Innocence ... haven't read it, but it sounds too perfect for this group of seniors.
* Did anyone else notice Dorota checking out the hair extensions?
* Is everyone on the CW named Julian now. First hot Julian from One Tree Hill and now this one on Gossip Girl.
* Yay Daddy Humphrey for stopping the youngest teacher ever from hooking up with your son ... for now ...
* Why did Chuck say, "I know a guy," instead of, "Because I'm Chuck Bass."
* Serena and Vanessa are so 3008 with their cellphone technology, lol.
* Nelly Yuki's got nerve ... "no one likes you!" ... lmao
* The Dan/Rachel costume closet sex scene was weird ... I feel like they're moving in slow motion, but the music and camera angles weren't.
* What's up with the huge Prada sign ... are they trying to send us The Devil Wears Prada subliminal messages?
* I really wanted Dan to bite Blair's wrist, or is that a little too Chris Brown-ish for GG?
* I didn't expect Nate to be the one to ruin the play, but I guess they have to give the boy something to do. Chace can't sit there looking pretty all the time.
* Aww, Serena fell in love with the gay play director. Who hasn't been there?
* The NY Times reviewer thinks Julian's a genius and Julian agrees. It's like real life.
* Chuck gets played by the call girl. Has running Bass Industries made him a softie?
* Dan puts two-and-two together about Rachel, but I totally figured it all out before he did. Love how he tells Blair to use the "sex in the costume closet with the teacher" story against Rachel.
* Just as Chuck Bass decides to go back to Blair, Carter decides to swoop in and buy Blair drinks.

photo from cwtv.com

Gossip Girl just keeps gettin' better.

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