19 March 2009

Spring Break - Days 2 & 3

Not much took place on Tuesday so I thought I would combine it with Wednesday's recap.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day! I watched a bit of the parade as I got ready for a much-needed reunion with my high school BFF. I didn't wear anything green, but my purse was green and I wore a four leaf clover pin. I'm actually Scottish, not Irish, but it doesn't matter. St. Patrick wasn't even Irish himself. Before I headed out the door, my mom came in with freshly baked Irish soda bread - a staple in my house for St. Patrick's Day. Warm Irish soda bread with butter's the best!

My friend and I met up at Applebee's and dished about our lives since we saw each other last. I actually haven't been to Applebee's since my high school graduation so I was clueless about their menu. I ended up having a BLT (the toasted pumpernickel bread and fries were awesome). Ooh, and if you go to Applebee's makes sure you get the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. It rocks!

When I got home from my two hour excursion, I was deadbeat so I went to sleep until 9PM. When I woke up I ate a late and light dinner and edited my resume and writing samples.

I was glad I stayed up late because Days of Our Lives came on after Poker After Dark. I haven't seen that show in ages! I finally figured out the whole Daniel-Chloe-Kate-Lucas love triangle square. As usual Max's sister is up to no good. The same old family feuds are still going on, but since when did Bo start getting those visions? And who's Hope allegedly going to cheat with? Daniel is my pick. (So hot!)

On Wednesday my mom and I surprised my grandma with a trip to IHOP for breakfast. We all ordered hot chocolate topped with loads of whipped cream and strawberry pancakes topped with loads of whipped cream. As you can see, whipped cream was a reoccurring theme of my morning.

After noon hit, I was in full business woman mode. You should have seen me as I got my passport photos taken, renewed my passport, designed a custom business card for what seemed like hours (but in the end, so cute), updated my resume, and checked my writing samples.

During dinner I watched the beginning of the movie Bella. I haven't finished watching it yet, but so far it's really good! Make sure you see it.

As the evening came to a close, I was browsing JustJared and I came across Justin Timberlake wearing glasses. I couldn't believe it! Somehow my mom had seen the photos weeks ago, and as I scoured the internet for JT glasses pics, mom said "leave Justin and his glasses alone!" Me? Never!

And so I end my Wednesday and begin my Thursday.

Until tomorrow ...

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