24 March 2009

Tell Me You've Seen This!

For weeks I've been awaiting the premiere of Ciara's video for Love Sex Magic, a playful track featuring my love Justin Timberlake. The video is finally here and I like it! Even though it's not the best video in the world, I sort of wish I could trade places with Ciara during her scenes with JT.

Others have described the vid in interesting ways. "Ciara does free lap dance for Justin Timberlake," writes one blogger. "There is licking," said a morning radio DJ, and simply, "like porn," were the words of another DJ. While some of these statements are a little out there, I must admit the video is very risqué. It's definitely the raciest and sexiest thing Mr. Sexy Back has ever done.

Other than a few hot moves thrown in here and there (i.e. the Ciara "JT-leg crawl" and the JT "lean back on Ciara's back and snap"), the video is somewhat trite. Ciara reminds me of Beyoncé and Lady GaGa's love child with the metal shades and leotard sans pants. I think I also spot elements of Flashdance thrown in here and there.

I think my mother's reaction summed it up best: "It's like watching the same movie over and over."

It's no surprise there's been a lack of originality in music videos these days. With record sales down, labels simply don't have the funds of yesteryear to pull off another Thriller.

The music industry needs to be revamped in order to survive. I want to see more talented artists who can really bring something to the table instead of artists who are carbon copies of one another. If labels dug deep to find unique people with real star quality, consumers would invest their interest and hopefully their money. I only hope that Justin has a hand in the Future Sex/Love Sound.

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