05 April 2009

Chair, Towel, Jesse - Check

To keep up with the tweens and teens, I like to read Just Jared Jr. It's the sister site of Just Jared. I found these photos of a recent Jesse McCartney performance and I couldn't help but comment on them.

Reason to marry Jesse #1: He knows where Westchester, NY is!
Reason to marry Jesse #2: He has chairs with his initial on it!

Recently my friend and I were talking about celebrities who throw things into the audience. Apparently her friend went to a concert and the band threw free sneakers into the crowd. She asked me what I would do if Justin Timberlake threw a towel and I caught it. My first reply was, "Eww." That was soon followed by, "I'd probably put it in a bag or something and keep it." She said she would wash it and use it because she loves free stuff. So if Jesse threw this towel at her, you can be sure to find it hanging in her bathroom.

(all photos from justjaredjr.com)

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