23 May 2009

From Goodbye to Hello

Next week is Jay Leno's last week on the Tonight Show. Before he says goodbye, he had Ross the Intern on his show one last time.

During the segment I learned that Ross really was an intern at the show back in 2001 and has been covering red carpets for the show ever since. Ross showed a montage of his favorite clips. Of course, my favorite piece he did wasn't in it.

During the summer of '03, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera toured together on the Justified and Stripped Tour. Ross went behind-the-scenes and spent the day with Christina Aguilera. My favorite part of the segment was when Justin was caught on camera and Ross got really excited, but didn't go up to JT because he wasn't sure if he was allowed to talk to him or not. Total classic moment!

For more on Ross the Intern, check out his blog helloross.com.


JoeyfromSC said...

Thanks for posting this video! I mentioned in his blog comments that they left that one out lol

youtube removed it a while back! Glad it's back lol


Grae said...

you're welcome :-)