14 May 2009

I Won ... Yay Me!

So on Tuesday evening I found out that TheWB.com was giving out free Rockville, CA t-shirts via a Twitter trivia contest. Of course I wanted one of those tees. I attempted to answer Tuesday's trivia question, but was beat out by some guy. Of course yesterday I made it my mission to win that tee as I wrote a script for class. Of course with skill and determination I was crowned yesterday's winner. Yay me! Now I'm just waiting for my tee. There's still a chance to win tomorrow's trivia game so start following TheWB.com on Twitter here: twitter.com/thewbdotcom

Here's how it all went down:

If you haven't seen Rockville CA yet, what are you waiting for? Start watching! To get into the groove, here's the first episode!

Solo Acts

(photo from myspace.com/rockvilleca)

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