22 May 2009

Just Because ... Ben's Hot

If you've known me since high school, you know I was a die hard fan of The OC. Even when the storylines weren't that great, I mainly watched the show for the guy pictured up above.

Ben McKenzie is now on the new NBC hit cop drama Southland. The show's been picked up for a second season and I'm ecstatic. If you haven't seen the show yet, be sure to play catchup this summer.

If you saw last night's finale, what did you think?


I was really mad that that girl Ben was seeing just decided she would up and leave him to get back with her boyfriend in NY who she was still talking to while she dated Ben. That was a total d-bag move on her part if you ask me. Although I was upset with her, I loved watching Ben walk away. He's so hot when he's mad - something an OC fan knows well. I'm glad he's back on TV. I feel like a girl of 15 all over again, lol.

(photo from JustJared)

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