21 June 2009

Recap: So You Think You Can Dance Top 18

I just realized I've had this in draft mode and never posted it. Whoops. Well it's better late than never.

First of all I've got to say I loved Cat Deeley's dress. That ruffle was amazing!

This week's performances weren't as great as last week's, but there were a few standouts.

* Randi & Evan: (Jive) This could have been done better. The kicks weren't as powerful as I would have liked.

* Melissa & Ade: (Jazz) I wasn't too thrilled by this number, but I love Sonya Tayeh!

* Caitlin & Jason: (Hip Hop) Again, not thrilled, but Caitlin's quite the contortionist.

* Janette & Brandon: (Disco) BEST DISCO EVER!

* Asuka & Vitolio: (Waltz) Lots of emotion, but more technique needed.

* Kayla & Max: (Pop Jazz) Very unique and cool.

* Karla & Jonathan: (Contemporary) Girl better than guy part 1.

* Jeanine & Phillip: (Tango) Girl better than guy part 2.

* Ashley & Kupono: (Hip Hop) Love Kupono, but he didn't hit all the moves.

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