11 June 2009

Recap: So You Think You Can Dance Top 20

My favorite show of the summer is So You Think You Can Dance. Last year I discovered Pat & Carolyn's recaps of the show on YouTube. On Pat's blog, A Blog About Things, you'll find the video recap along with details about the dancers, choreographers and songs. It's really cool so check it out.

From now on I'll be posting their SYTYCD recap videos along with my own little thoughts about the show. Enjoy and feel free to make your own comments.

* Jeanine & Phillip: (Hip Hop) Great dance to start the show off with! Lots of energy and classic Tabitha/Napolean choreography.

* Asuka & Vitolio: (Broadway) Could have been done better. I needed more spark in the performance.

* Karla & Jonathan: (Cha Cha) I felt like they were moving too slow for the song, but I loved when Mary quoted Lady GaGa.

* Randi & Even: (Jazz) My favorite Tyce dance of the evening. Very sensual and danced beautifully.

* Paris & Tony: (Hip Hop) Paris has been my favorite female dancer since her audition. I think she did well here, but Tony could have stepped it up more since this is kind of his style.

* Caitlin & Jason: (Bollywood) One of my top 2 routines of the night and done to one of my favorite songs (Jai Ho).

* Janette & Brandon: (Foxtrot) Very graceful. Their dance brought me back to those ballroom dances they'd do in Old Hollywood movies.

* Ashley & Kupono: (Jazz) Kupono's my favorite male dancer of this season basically because he reminds me of Mark from last season (who I spotted in the audience tonight). They couldn't have paired these 2 dancers with a better choreographer. Wade Robson's amazing. I don't know how he thinks of the themes for his routines. Crash test dummies? Where did that come from Wade? Just freaking genius!

* Melissa & Ade: (Contemporary) These two did this one lift that still's blowing my mind right now.

* Kayla & Max: (Samba) Well done! Max was so in his element and Kayla really stepped it up.

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Pat said...

Hey! Thanks so much for posting our SYTYCD recaps! Glad you found them and enjoy them!