20 July 2009

Breaking News: Fred Durst Is Married!

I was just doing my usual pre-bedtime Twitter check, and this tweet from Fred Durst caught my eye:

Took me 38 years & was absolutely worth the wait.
Every path has led me here.
I'm hers, she's mine, 4eva http://yfrog.com/ca7wkj

Yup, it's official. The Limp Bizkit frontman is finally married to Esther Nazarov. Somewhere my 11 year old self is crying her eyes out.

Durst is no stranger to breaking news about his private life on Twitter. Back in April he tweeted about his engagement, so it's only fitting he tweeted about his wedding.

I'm just hoping this wasn't all for the, well, you know ...

(photo from Yfrog)

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