15 July 2009

Recap: So You Think You Can Dance Top 10

I really think the best part of So You Think You Can Dance is when they get to the top 10. The best dancers are left and are giving it their all, making recaps way more fun for me to write. Plus, now that orientation's over, I have all this extra energy that I will now channel into my recaps, so here goes.

This week the show format has changed. Now America will decide who stays and who goes. Remember to vote for your favorites because I know when my favorite people are sent home and I didn't vote for them, I feel kind of guilty. So vote like it's Election '08!

The show started out with the "Bollywood Bombshells" and I loved it! It was so high energy. The group effort was great and I loved the masks on the back of the heads. So funny.

Next up was Kayla and Evan's Viennese Waltz. First I just have to say that Seal's Kiss from a Rose is one of my favorite songs of all time. Now, even though Evan had a height disadvantage, he lifted Kayla so easily. As guest judge Debbie Allen said, "[he] handled [his] big woman." Kayla, if you haven't noticed, has amazing lines and will go far in this competition. Also, I loved that dress! Amazing!

Brandon's solo was, in one word, powerful. I'll be shocked if he doesn't make it to the final four.

There's just something about Janette. Every week she does so well. It's hard to believe that this girl is self-taught. Just brilliant! I wasn't sure what to expect of her hip hop routine with Ade, but as soon as I heard Ciara and Justin Timberlake's Love Sex Magic, I knew we were in for a fun ride and it was definitely entertaining.

Randi's solo was alright. I wasn't all that excited about it. In all honesty, I kind of expect her to be in the bottom three tomorrow. :-(

I've been following Kupono since the auditions and he's one of my favorite male dancers this season. I thought his solo was cool. He has a style all his own and he showed it tonight. I would have liked to see him use the stage a little bit more though. I think one of the judges brought that up to him before. I think it needs to be said again. (This is why I wish the judges critiqued their solos too.)

Jeanine and Jason's contemporary routine was my FAVORITE PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT! Season 2's fan favorite Travis Wall took his first turn as choreographer for this piece and it was in one word - EXTRAORDINARY. I think a lot of people my age can relate to the storyline of friends becoming more than friends. I LOVED IT (YOU HAVE NO IDEA)! Week after week Jeanine delivers. I was so glad to see her in her own style. I expected her to rock it and she did. On the other hand, I feel that I haven't seen Jason shine since the Bollywood routine he did in the first week. That boy's got some technique man! I never noticed before. Just amazing!

{Sidenote: Hello G.I. Tatum. Did anyone else see Channing's abs in GQ? Okay, back to the show.}

I adored Melissa's solo. She's the ballerina I always wanted to be, but gave up on becoming when I was 5 years old.

Evan's solo brought me back to the golden age of Hollywood. That jump was so cool. Who else is in awe?

In her solo I noticed Kayla has a quirky little way of moving, but those lines of hers are no joke whatsoever man.

{Sidenote: Who watches Hell's Kitchen? Is it really as hectic as the commercials seem? I don't like stressful shows like that. And who's going to watch Lindsay Lohan's ABC Family movie? "Octember," loves it!}

Randi and Kupono's Paso Doble was a big letdown for me. Randi's wig totally threw me off. I thought she was Melissa for a split second. And in the rehearsal video, she kind of reminded me of Brooke Hogan, so now I can't remember anything about her. As much as I love Kupono, I totally agreed with the judges. This piece didn't work for me. It was awkward and the music was more powerful than their dancing.

If you want to know what a flip is, just watch Ade's solo. It was amazing!

{Sidenote: Save the Date --> FAME September 25, 2009 ... get excited!}

I loved Jeanine's technique in her solo. I think she should be in the top 4. Plus I love her outfit. Where can I get that?

Jason's solo was so cool. I think he had me from the moment he stepped out in suspenders and a hat, lol.

Melissa and Brandon's Broadway number was so cool. You know when you go to a show and know that you're going to see something amazing and when it's all over you don't remember what exactly happened, but you just know it was great? Well that's what happened to me. I was in a trance during this number. I'm in awe of those interlocking moves and tricks. Tyce wove the dancers' skills into the choreography seamlessly. Another lovely example of pairing the right choreographer with the right dancers.

Janette is on fire! That solo was hot and I want that song as my ringtone so I can pretend I'm from Miami like her!

I wasn't sure what to expect from the top 5 guys' African dance number. I love how the choreographer explained the movement to them as swagger. The routine was difficult and the guys performed it with the energy and passion required. I also didn't mind seeing the sweat gleaming off of their abs (okay, just Kupono's) as they were critiqued. Don't lie, you were thinking it too.

That's what I thought, and here's what Pat and Carolyn from A Blog About Things thought:

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