31 July 2009

Street Chic: Who Wore It Best?

I was going through my Refinery 29 newsletter last night and saw a link to a street style story. Naturally, I clicked it because I like to see how people put their outfits together.

When I got to the last photo I had to do a double take. The girl pictured has the same shoes as me!

Now under the advisement of my friend C, I'm doing a "Who Wore It Best?" feature. So tell me, who wore it best? Me, the girl who took time to roll her jeans evenly and put on her awesome Rockville, CA tee, or the girl from the blog who just tucked her shirt into her shorts.

Comments please ...

And in case you were wondering, the sandals are the Scarlet Fringe Sandal by Fioni for Payless. Cheap, yet chic. Gotta luv it!

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