02 July 2009

Take 5 Thursday: The Rehearsal

**this photo's kind of eerie**

A week ago today, news broke that Michael Jackson died. We will always remember where we were when we heard about his death. For me it was a case of third time's the charm before I heard the news.

After work I went to H&M and the girls at the checkout counter said that Randy Jackson from American Idol died. When I went to Junior's Cheesecake in Grand Central, the guy at the counter corroborated the Randy Jackson story. Then on the train home, the lady next to me who was on her cellphone turned to me and said that Michael Jackson had died. I told her I heard it was Randy from American Idol, but she said her family said on the news they were talking about Michael not Randy. Still not sure who exactly died as I walked home from the train station, a lady on the sidewalk yelled, "He's gone!" In my head I was thinking, "Wow, Randy Jackson had some dedicated fans. Who knew?" Then I walked into my apartment. Mom was in tears and I knew it was Michael.

I wasn't really upset by the news like she was, just in shock. I am disappointed that he never got to do those concerts in London. Based on the footage below, it looks like it would have been an amazing show! He will be missed.

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