21 July 2009

Tuesday Time Out: Quais de Seine

I have Paris on the brain right now. My friend is studying abroad in England this month and took a weekend trip to Paris. Yes, I'm jealous. Who wouldn't be? On top of that, I was IMing my friend and mentioned French actor Cyril Descours (pictured above) from my favorite scene in the movie Paris Je T'aime.

If you haven't seen Paris Je T'aime, please do. It's brilliant! The whole movie is a series of 18 five minute segments. Each segment is directed by a different director or group of directors, including the Coen brothers and Gus Van Sant.

My favorite scene from the movie is Quais de Siene directed by Gurinder Chadha of Bend It Like Beckham fame. Watch this scene and you'll see why I love it (and Cyril).

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