25 July 2009

A Whole 'New Moon'

I just saw two new clips from New Moon. Bella's on a bike, Taylor's shirtless, Bella's running, Rob's shirtless, the fangirls are screaming, and I have a headache. As much as I would love to see the movie when it comes out, I refuse to go see it in a theatre with 12 year old girls screaming in my ears. I'd have to take 3 Tylenols before I see it and who wants to go to those lengths just to see a movie?

Anyway, these clips confirm my belief that Twilight's totally selling sex without really selling sex. I'm a PR girl in training so I know these things. Plus earlier in the week, I walked through a sea of fangirls on the set of Rob's latest movie, Remember Me. I don't know how these Twilight kids do it and stay sane.

Here are the clips. You may want to turn the volume on your computer down a notch when Jacob and Ed appear onscreen if you still want to have good hearing when you're 25. Enjoy! ♥

So now that you've seen the clips, who has the hotter abs - Taylor or Rob? Go! Comments please ...

(photo from JustJared)


Anonymous said...

You should go see it when all the annoying teens are in school :p


Grae said...

Haha, good idea, but I'll probably be in class too with my crazy schedule next semester, lol.
Thanks Jynx. I'll definitely consider that though. ;-)