28 August 2009

Flashback Friday: Summer in the City

My summer is officially over. This is my last first week of school ever (unless I go to Grad school). I'm now a Senior. Actually I've been one since Fall '08 because of my extra credits from high school, but I've been trying to put off my senior status until now. (Yes, I'm an overachiever in denial.) Before homework and papers start piling up, here are my favorite moments from this summer.

(10) So close, but no celeb.

One day in mid-July I took the train into Grand Central. When I entered the main concourse, I noticed that they were blocking off parts of it to film something. Via a Google search, I found out that Rob Pattinson was filming Remember Me in and around GCT. I was so excited. I'm not a big R-Pattz fan, but a Rob sighting's a Rob sighting! For the next 2 days I tracked websites and tweets for updates. I walked by the set on my way to work and nearly fell on the wet pavement (it was raining). Not only that, but on my way back from work I had to weave my way through gaggles of Twilight fangirls who eyed me suspiciously like I would lead them to Rob. In the end I kept missing Rob by mere minutes, but I was just glad to get away from the set unbitten and in one piece.

(9) Bathroom stall wisdom.

This summer I interned in NYC. On my way to the interview, I made a pit stop in Grand Central's restroom. On the bathroom stall were these confidence-boosting words of wisdom. (Somewhat hard to believe since a few inches away was the message "Greenday Sucks.")

(8) The black and white color TV.

My friend and I hooked up her TV. We had sound. We had video. We had no color. We unhooked everything and tried other plug combinations. Still nothing. Now she has a new TV instead of living in the 1950s. Yay!

(7) I ♥ free stuff.

Last semester during finals week last, I won a free Rockville, CA t-shirt from The WB. I received it in July, but that wasn't my last time winning free stuff. I entered a contest from Just Hits on Goom and ended up winning an autographed Push Play t-shirt. I received it in the mail last week and my friend's already plotting to steal it from me, lol.

(6) Learning to ride a bike ... sort of.

I'm 21 years old and don't know how to ride a bicycle. One of my friends attempted to teach me. I lasted 5 minutes. I was exhausted. I think I'll still to walking.

(5) Mamma Mia, I'm a Gleek for life!

On August 13, I attended Lite FM's Broadway in Bryant Park finale. I was shocked when Glee star Matthew Morrison stopped by to sing for the crowd. About a week later I found out that Amanda Seyfried was filming Letters from Juliet near my office. I just happened to be walking through Bryant Park and ended up walking through the set. I can't wait until the movie comes out so I can tell my friends which scene I saw them film.

(4) Spotted!

If you read the Gossip Girl series (yes I said "read"), you should recall the point in the storyline when Blair lived at the Yale Club. I didn't realize these ivy league clubs really existed in NYC until I happened to walk by the Princeton Club on my way to work one day. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to walk around Grand Central. Little did I know that when I would get to 44th and Vanderbilt, I would spot the Yale Club after all these years. Way nicer than the Princeton Club if you ask me (from the exterior perspective anyway).

(3) Mandela Day Installation

For a few weeks in July I walked by the Mandela Day Installation in Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall. One day after work I was able to check it out. So glad I did. I learned a lot and took some wonderful pictures, including an accidental one of the little girl in the current GRAE New York banner. (She kept walking into my photos.)

(2) Uncle Jesse!

When I found out that John Stamos (a.k.a. Uncle Jesse, a.k.a. one of my many childhood/adulthood crushes) was going to be at Lite FM's Broadway in Bryant Park on Augsut 13, I knew that's where I needed to be. I went. I saw. Yup, I'm still in love.

(1) Burn the Floor

Not only was August 6 my 21st birthday, it was the day that started my string of celeb sightings for the month. I specifically went to Broadway in Bryant Park to see the cast of Burn the Floor perform. I loved the commercials (still do) and wanted to see if the show lived up to all that hype. As soon as the dancers started moving, I was hooked. All of a sudden, out popped Maks and Karina from Dancing with the Stars. I knew they were guest performers in the show until mid-August, but I never expected them to show up at Bryant Park. After the show I got a picture of them. Still can't believe I saw them!

So here's what I learned this summer: good things happen in Bryant Park, when you actively seek celeb sightings they don't happen, I should stick to walking and great advice comes in strange places. And of course I can't forget this: I ♥ NYC!

(Rob Pattinson photo from JustJared)


KAT said...

I'm glad that my tv made it into your post!! haha. I was just looking at the pictures (true kindergartener at heart) and said "hmm... that looks familiar, sorta like my bedroom, but nahh couldn't be." but it was, and i got a good chuckle out of it.

I also enjoyed the pictures of you "biking". I might have added the picture of Ariana with the palm tree on her head with the friends my leaders caption, lmao

Grae said...

gotta luv "friends my leaders" ;-) lol