12 August 2009

In Review: Push Play - Midnight Romeo

One of my favorite songs this summer has been Push Play's Midnight Romeo. The NY-based band recently got signed to Wind-up Records and is currently on a press tour to promote their smash single.

Two weeks ago they were on the new web radio station Goom Radio for an interview and acoustic performance. Then they took over the station and played their favorite tracks. I just so happened to tweet that I was listening to them on the radio show, not realizing that that tweet entered me into a Twitter contest they were doing in which 5 people would win t-shirts signed by the band.

Last Wednesday I was informed by Just Hits on Goom Radio that I won the signed Push Play t-shirt. Now my "t-shirts won via Twitter" count has risen to 2. I still haven't received my shirt yet, but you know that as soon as I do, a TwitPic will follow. :-)

Anyway, I just remembered that Push Play's Midnight Romeo video premiered yesterday. I checked it out. I don't love the video, but it's not anywhere near "love the song, hate the video" territory. Here's what I told my friend about it on Facebook:

just saw Push Play's 'Midnight Romeo' video ... I give it a B- ... they look hot, but they didn't put their hotness to good use ... well, maybe the lead singer did ... anyway, there's no actual plot in the video ... they just... play music and do those guitar spins a la Fall Out Boy in the 'Dance Dance' video and they seem to be playing backstage at some type of theatre or something ... ooh, and they have flashlights at one point ... I don't get that either ... and the girl who plays Miley's sidekick in Hannah Montana is in the video (luv her since she doesn't annoy me like Miley, but isn't she too young for them) ... she doesn't do anything really either ... she lying down and there are flower petals and a couch ??? if I were in the video I would demand to be all over them! ... anyway, I just noticed that their drummer looks like Richie Sambora with sunglasses on ... I'm just saying ... see for yourself:

So what did you think of Push Play's video?
- Love it?
- Like it?
- Hate it?
- Push what?

(photo from MySpace)

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