05 August 2009

Recap: So You Think You Can Dance Final Four

As I write this I am simultaneously voting for my favorite of the top 4. I won't give away who just yet, but you can probably tell which dancer it is from this recap.

I've had a love hate relationship with this season. In the beginning I promised to recap the show every week, but for a number of weeks I didn't think the dancing was amazing. Thus, I had nothing to write about. This certainly can not be said for the final four. Each of these dancers deserved to be here. They all bring something different to the table, and I enjoyed watching them.

Brandon is a powerhouse. In the beginning he was brilliant, but not that likable. That has certainly changed, and he is probably one of the best dancers I've ever seen on this show over the past 5 seasons.

Jeanine's the dark horse of the show like Adam Shankman (my fave guest judge ever) said. I could never remember her name in the beginning, but she was always one of my favorites to watch.

The judges keep using "unique" to describe Evan, and I agree. I've never seen anyone on the show before whose style was Broadway. It's a dying dance genre as the judges said after his solo, but it's such a joy to watch when it's done right. And it is Evan who dances it right and I enjoy watching week after week.

Kayla's flawless when she dances. I just wish she would have let more of her personality come out this season instead of letting it shine through when the finale was almost over.

And now on to my recap:

As I said before, Adam Shankman is my favorite judge! He's got personality, he's knows what he's talking about and most importantly, the audience knows what he's talking about unlike some of the other guest judges. (Yes Lil C, I'm calling you out!)

Wade Robson's group number was awesome. I wish I could get inside his mind for a moment just to find out how he comes up with these routines! I loved the dancing. No one in particular stood out for me because everyone rocked it. I also loved that Wade used Lady GaGa's Boys Boys Boys because that track is so fun and matched the energy he was trying to bring with this piece.

Sidenote: Was that elderly lady in the audience covering her ears? I'm glad she wasn't at an American Idol finale. She'd go deaf!

Sonya Tayeh has created some of my favorite pieces. Her number with Jeanine and Evan was so cool. Jeanine really stood out for me in this. She's such a strong dancer. When Evan jumped up on her, she didn't even flinch. I loved it!

Brandon's solo wasn't as great and memorable as last week's, but it was still danced wonderfully. I love how he ended it with that split!

Kayla and Brandon's Broadway routine by Tyce Diorio was cool. Those synchronized pirouettes were unforgettable!

I'm so happy that Jeanine got a standing O from the judges for her solo. It was so cool and risky. Definitely the best one she's done all season! I had tears in my eyes when she finished. Love her!

Evan and Brandon's Pop Jazz routine by Laurieann Gibson was alright. I didn't really see it as a finale routine. I did love it when Mary Murphy asked Evan about the nastiest thing he's ever done. I think he should have answered, "Nothing I can talk about on TV." Now that would have been hot. Now I must say that although Evan isn't the strongest dancer in the top 4, the boy's got some die hard fans that could very well vote him America's favorite dancer.

Every finale there's always one piece that stands a cut above the rest. For me, that piece was Mia Michael's routine with Jeanine and Kayla. These two girls are the best final 2 girls this show's ever had; and like Adam said, when you pair that with Mia you get a "trifecta." I loved the concept of this piece. Like Mary said, it was as if they were stripping off all the layers of this past season. It was just beautiful to watch and definitely the most memorable of the night for me.

I think Evan is so well liked because of his stage presence. He's just so much fun to watch because he looks like he's having so much fun performing. I don't mind that his solo was like his audition because I loved his audition and I loved this. I also loved that sign someone held in the audience for him that said "VOTE EVAN: A CLASS ACT" ... very fitting.

Evan and Kayla's Jive was fun to watch. It was so fast. Kayla may have outdanced Evan, but in the end, it was Evan's name the crowd was cheering. I'm glad that Kayla finally showed her personality off, but what took her so long?

Kayla's solo was good, but I felt like she could have done better. This was her last performance of the night and she should have really taken more risks to leave a lasting impression in our minds.

Jeanine and Brandon's Paso Doble was the perfect number to end the night off with. As soon as they stepped on the Kodak Theatre stage, I said, "this is going to be good," and it was. This piece had so much power and energy. I'm glad these two received a standing O from the judges for this one. It's possibly the best Paso Doble I've seen on this show. Brilliant choreography Louis. They definitely deserved to be on the hot tamale train for this!

So in the end, I agree with Nigel. Jeanine and Brandon are the front runners for the title of America's Favorite Dancer. My favorite of the two is Jeanine. I've voted for her so many times now, I've lost track. I really hope she wins. Good luck girl!

And here are Pat & Carolyn from A Blog About Things with their thoughts on the final four.

And so my last recap of the season comes to an end. Luckily, you won't have to wait until next summer for my next SYTYCD recap. The show's sixth season starts on September 9. When they choose the top 20, I'll be back with more recaps.

Sidenote: This is my last blog "Under 21." Tomorrow's my 21st birthday, but don't think for a minute that I'm missing the SYTYCD finale to head to a bar or casino. No no. I love this show way too much.

(all photos from fox.com/dance)

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