13 August 2009

Take 5 Thursday: My Fave SYTYCD Routines

Since the So You Think You Can Dance finale last week, my friend and I don't know what to do with ourselves. We love Jeanine and we miss the show. At least the new season will be on next month. Until then, we can relive this season on YouTube. Here are my top 10 favorite routines from Season 5.

10) Jeanine & Ade: Hip Hop
I love this routine because I don’t think people expected Jeanine to hit the moves as hard as she did. Go girl!

9) Melissa & Ade: Pas De Deux
Once upon a time I was a four year old in beginner’s ballet. After a term and a half I grew bored because it was repetitious and I wanted to branch out and learn to go on my toes. My teacher said no. I quit. Now after seeing this Pas De Deux, I kind of wish I hadn’t. Melissa’s the ballerina I always wanted to be. The end.

8) Kayla & Jason: Broadway
A lot of the time, Broadway numbers are a little hokey, but this one was reminiscent of an Old Hollywood movie.

7) Kayla & Kupono: Contemporary
Even though Kupono wasn’t the best male dancer on the show, he was my favorite because he knew how to take a character and run with it. That’s just what he did in this contemporary piece about addiction. Amazing!

6) Janette & Brandon: Argentine Tango
The Argentine Tango is one of my top 3 Latin dances. Janette and Brandon performed it like they had been doing it all their lives. Just beautiful!

5) Janette & Brandon: Pop Jazz
I’ve said it numerous times and I’ll keep saying it: Wade Robson is a genius! Again, I don’t know how he comes up with these routines, but I’m glad he does. He’s definitely the most creative out of all the other choreographers on this show. He knows how to put on a show!

4) Melissa & Ade: Contemporary
I don’t think this piece would have worked without Melissa or Ade. I was so glad they were back together again for this routine and Tyce got the chance to take us on the journey that is cancer. If this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, I don’t know what will.

3) Jeanine & Kayla: Contemporary
The whole stripping away the layers concept was brilliant. It was definitely different than any of the other contemporary routines from this season. One of the best routines I’ve ever seen in a finale. I'm glad the two best female dancers were in this routine.

2) Jeanine & Brandon: Paso Doble
As soon as I saw the split screen of these two on stage, I knew it was going to be hot. It was and I’m glad that these two were the top 2.

1) Jeanine & Jason: Contemporary
Before this routine, I never realized how good a dancer Jason was. I’m glad he and Jeanine got this routine with Travis. Best one of the season! I know my friend agrees. ♥ ♥ ♥


- Top 16 Group Dance
This was my favorite group number of the season. I loved the fusion of samba and hip hop. So hot!

- Brandon Top 6 Solo
BEST SOLO EVER! He definitely deserved that standing O.

- Jeanine Top 6 Solo
I’m a big Citizen Cope fan, so when Jeanine used his song Let the Drummer Kick in her solo, I knew it was going to be good.

- Jeanine Top 4 Solo
This was difficult and amazing! I’m so happy that she pulled off those pirouettes! Way to step your game up for the finale girl!

I just realized that Jeanine is in half of these videos, lol. ♥ ♥ ♥

(photo from fanpop.com)


BwaySalsera said...

Great way of bringing me back to the season. I was 'all smiles' when reading it. I'm going to watch the vids when I come home from work. Brandon did have that powerful solo & Jeanine had that amazing solo..The solos were the best part because that's when the dancing was left up to the dancer: Kinda like a hit or miss. Love, Love, Love thed post! :)

Grae said...

Haha, glad you loved it. I loved looking back at all the performances too.