27 August 2009

Take 5 Thursday: VMA Side Story

I'm all about the finger snaps with the synchronized shoulder-neck moves. No clue what I'm talking about? Here's a hint: think Jets, Sharks and meeting a girl named Maria in America. If you guessed West Side Story, you'd be correct.

This year's VMA promos were inspired by the 1961 film. I think this campaign's quite genius. The VMAs are finally back in New York after being exported to Miami and Los Angeles these past few years.

The last time the award show was held in New York, Britney, Madonna and Christina kissed. A lot has happened since then - Britney got married, had 2 kids and got divorced; Madonna was married, adopted 2 kids and got divorced; Christina got married, had a kid and isn't divorced. See a lot has happened!

To whoever thought to bring the VMAs back to New York, hats off to you. To whoever thought of this whole VMA Side Story theme, hats off to you. Now watch the promo in its entirety.

(photo from IAmATVJunkie.com)

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