25 August 2009

Tuesday Time Out: Michael Cera the Bad Boy?

As soon as I saw the trailer for Youth in Revolt, the first thing that came to mind was Fight Club. No, there's no Brad Pitt cameo or underground fight club (that I know of), but there is a whole dual personality storyline.

Michael Cera
's character creates his alter ego "Francois" to give him more confidence around some girl he likes (think Beyoncé's Sasha Fierce). Nothing about his alter ego really says bad boy to me other than his porn star mustache. That's nothing compared to Brad's leather jacket and six pack (hotness).

So Cera as a bad boy - what are your thoughts on this? In comments please ...

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jared said...

I am so excited for this movie! I read the book when i was 20 and since i read very few books, i remember them well:) As for 'Bad Boy' i think he'll be awkward/funny with a sprinkle of attempting to be a jackass...but def no Brad Pitt.