12 August 2009

What the ... Wednesday: Jared's Cube = Best of the Web

You guys know I love pop culture commentary. That's why I subscribe to YouTube channels like the What the Buck Show, SxePhil and most recently, Jared's Cube.

If you haven't heard about the latter, you most certainly have not read my blog. With my super-busy schedule, sometimes I miss a lot of things on the web, but Jared always keeps me updated on what's going on. Plus, he's fun to watch.

You have to hear how he describes Noah and the Whale! He starts off with ".. if Silverlake had sex with Williamsburg ..." and you'll have to watch his 7/24 show to find out how that ended, lol.

Be sure to subscribe! Tell him GRAE New York sent you.

(photo = screenshot from previous episode)

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