29 September 2009

I Recommend ... September Edition

September's basically over, but that doesn't mean I can't do my recommendations for the month.

Can you recommend ...

... three new bands/singers?
1) Push Play - The band with one of my favorite summer songs, Midnight Romeo, is releasing their debut album Found today. I'm sure I'll have it by the time this is posted.
2) Barton Fink - I'm not sure exactly how I came across this band, but I think it had something to do with Twitter. Anyway, download their album GEAR for free. Trust me, they want you to and you won't be disappointed.
3) Calvin Harris - On Friday I was flipping through the albums on my Zen looking for the perfect album to blast as I got ready for the weekend. That's when I saw Calvin's perfectly named Ready for the Weekend.

... three old bands/singers?
1) Jay-Z - You know Run This Town's stuck in your head too.
2) Mariah Carey - I heard Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel last week and I'm surprisingly loving it. Definitely one to add to your wish list.
3) Madonna - I can't stop watching Celebration. Jesus has great abs. Again, go Madonna!

... a record label?
TennMan Records - Well something on my list had to be JT-related. Justin's label is probably one of the most musically diverse smaller labels I've come across in recent years. Esmée Denters is the pop star, Matt Morris is the singer-songwriter, Free Sol's the alternative rap group and Bren's the indie girl. I hope I work for this label someday.

... a website?
Stealing First - Who doesn't love the Yankees? Alright, who outside Boston doesn't love the Yankees? Exactly. I'm a huge Yankees fan (actually I'm a bigger Jeter fan) and a friend of mine has a blog that focuses specifically on the boys in pinstripes. So when I feel like learning more about the team than Jeter, I head here. Tell them I sent you.

... a TV Show?
Glee - In case you haven't heard, Glee is the word. I'm obsessed with this show. Go ahead and label me a gleek. I don't care. It's the best new show on TV this season. And no, this has nothing to do with me seeing Matthew Morrison over the summer. (I swear!)

... a book?

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
No, I'm not looking to drop dress sizes. I'm taking an exercise science class this semester and my professor recommended we read it. It's really good. My friend and I actually started reading it in Barnes and Noble a few months ago and loved it. Being college students on a budget, we opted for borrowing it from the library instead of purchasing it. But apparently everyone wanted to be a skinny bitch this summer, so I wasn't able to get my hands on the book until last Friday.

... something on YouTube?
La Coacha on the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party red carpet for Perez Hilton is hilarious! I love when she says, "In conclusion, I didn't know who the hell these people were, so I didn't even know what the hell to ask them. I just told them to shut up and dance." Sounds like something I would do - you know, if I had a reality show, or any TV show for that matter.

... a radio show?
Reality Radio - My radio show with my friend. Listen live from 2 - 3 p.m. every Tuesday: mms://media.iona.edu/wicr

... something to do on a day off?
Go to the zoo with friends, preferably ones in the Bronx.

... somewhere to eat?
Anywhere with funnel cake! I had some at the Bronx Zoo and I want more.

... a song everyone should hear?
All Time Low - Toxic Valentine
I really didn't listen to ATL until this summer. Now I can't stop playing this track from the Jennifer's Body soundtrack. Listen and you'll see why.

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