28 September 2009

Monday Madness: The Funny Side of Megan Fox

In case you were living under a rock last week, Megan Fox hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. I had a headache so I only remember seeing two sketches, but through the magic of the web I was able to see what I missed.

I wasn't a huge Megan Fox fan before. I'm still not, but as I see her more in interviews, I'm slowly starting to like her. I can totally see why she's Nylon's latest cover girl.

Now here are my favorite sketches from Saturday. And no, my list doesn't include the sketch with that minor "f'n" slip up from SNL newbie, Jenny Slate. You can expect that in my next What the ... Wednesday post.

Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox

Live Lounge

Grady Wilson's Burning Bedsheets

Digital Short: The Date

Digital Short: Megan's Roommate

(photo from nbc.com/snl)

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