21 September 2009

Monday Madness: I Went to the Zoo!

Over the weekend, my school did a trip to the Bronx Zoo. I haven't been there for about nine years, so I had fun.

Here's what we learned:

(1) "It smells like animal here."

(2) Ostriches runway walk.

(3) The Bronx Zoo really is in the Bronx, hence Jay-Z's D.O.A. playing in the background as we looked at some wild thing from Africa.

(4) Chipmunks are still the most exciting thing for me to see at the zoo even though they aren't actually on display, they're just running around.

Did this peacock break free or do they just him roam around?

Well that's nice to know.

Lots of lemurs.

A sea lion!

Well hello there Mr. Flamingo. Glad to see a real one for a change and not one of those plastic ones on someone's lawn.

Flamingo hiding from us. Sidenote: Can flamingos fly?

A duck! And another one underwater!

Birds are so cute when they freshen up.

The bald eagle! "Oh say can you see ..."

Not the Harry Potter owl. I repeat, not the Harry Potter owl!

Apparently these are king vultures. According to the bird lady, they are the strongest of the vultures and break apart carcasses first so the other vultures have an easier go at them. Some more information to put into your "stuff you didn't really want to know" folder.

Tiger Mountain was closed because of storm damage. {Insert sad face here.}

This exhibit's question of the day: Why do male birds dance?
My question of the day: IDK, why do men try to dance?

This tree in the middle of the building does have a message: What is left for wildlife when a forest is destroyed? No food. No homes. No place to hide.

You mean I can rent an exhibit at the zoo? Can I put Justin Timberlake on display in a Memphis habitat. The zoo would make millions off of that. Must I think of everything?

The female peacock isn't as pretty as the male peacock sadly.

These birds have personality.

Hey! It's Toucan Sam!

Don't you love how there are buildings behind the bison. Yes, we are really in the Bronx, lol.

Bison and buffalo are two different things. Cue the The More You Know music, lol.

Polar bears know what relaxing is all about.

We thought the bear was missing, but it was just sleeping.

Hilarious on more levels than you know. ;-)

A ton of turtles!

Springhaas? Like Rumspringa? Never mind, lol.

Chipmunk outside the Mouse House. Most exciting thing I saw all day, lol.

Giraffes are camera-shy too.

I really want butterfly wings now!

Not sure what this is, but it looked at me, so I took a picture of it.

Now, is the zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

Monorail in motion.

A pretty peacock.

A hut. Not sure what that had to do with anything either.

Donkey! I think.

They wrap these trees. It doesn't harm the tree and it gives the animals a scratching post. Okay then.

The tiger's alive, I swear!

Elephants are so massive. Sidenote: how'd the elephant get that stuff on its back?

The mother rhinoceros carried that baby for 16 months. And human mothers complain when their baby's overdue, lol.

The Bronx River's pretty, but I wouldn't swim in it.

The monorail moves too freaking fast to get a good picture of the red pandas. Yet the driver literally stopped the ride for a good minute for us to look at deer. Mind you, there were like 4 areas with deer. If I had more time I would have ridden the monorail again to get a better photo of the red pandas.

I would never ride a camel. They smell like animal.

What's your favorite animal at the zoo?

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