07 September 2009

Monday Madness: Who Vamped It Up Best?

My friends and I are having a little debate this Labor Day weekend. Of course, like many things in pop culture these days, our debate centers around vampires.

In the Backstreet Boys' latest video, Straight Through My Heart, the boys vamp it up in a club complete with mood lighting and a vampire vixen. My friends think they look hot. I just think they look old, hence the dim lighting.

Vampire Diaries is set to air on the CW this Thursday at 8PM. It's already getting Twilight comparisons, but what vampire-related thing hasn't gotten that comparison in the past year. My main concern about the show are its two vampires played by Ian Somerhalder (Lost and The Rules of Attraction) and Paul Wesley (Army Wives and American Dreams). They're definitely giving Edward Cullen a run for his money.

Now, who do you think vamp it up best - BSB or the boys of Vampire Diaries?

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