20 September 2009

Sunday Sounds: Music's Better When Watched

Who doesn't love a music video, especially when the song's really good. Here are a few that I'm loving right now.

Iron & Wine - Boy with a Coin

I recently found this song on my computer. I'm not sure where it came from, but I can't stop listening to it. I love that they used flamenco dancers in this video since that's what I thought of when I first heard the beat.

Madonna - Celebration

You've got to hand it to Madonna. She knows its abs we want and it's Jesus Luz's abs we get. This why she's the Queen of Pop people. (She is the Queen of Pop right?)

Honor Society - Where Are You Now?

All I know about Honor Society is that they're signed to the Jonas Brothers' record label. That being said, I almost wrote them off as another Disney band until I came across this video on YouTube and loved it. This song's totally going to be the new Vitamin C Graduation for the class of 2010. It comes from the soundtrack for that end-of-summer movie Bandslam in case you were wondering why Vanessa Hudgens is in it. And is it just me, or was she drinking Coca-Cola through a Twizzler in the movie clip?

Shakira - She Wolf

My friend and I started our radio show on Tuesday. We had a blast! One of my favorite moments from our debut show was when my friend howled at the end of Shakira's song. Yes, she really did it on air. And yes, people were listening.

(photo from photobucket.com)

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