23 September 2009

What the ... Wednesday: Falling for Dance

I once read in a careers in public relations book that if you want to work with clients in a certain field, you should learn as much as you can about their world. For example, if you want to work in entertainment PR like myself, take an acting class, or in my case, a dance class.

Last semester I took modern dance at my school. I decided to continue with it this semester even though I'm the only non-trained dancer in my class of four. Though I may leave class somewhat bruised, sore and exhausted, I'm glad I stuck with it. When I have a client who's a dancer and they tell me they're exhausted from practice, I'll know exactly what they mean.

My class isn't all about dancing like there's no tomorrow. We also study dances to better understand how they are put together. Tonight I am going to see one of the Fall for Dance shows at City Center for class. It should be fun. I looked at the program online and found out that Savion Glover is performing. I grew up watching him so I'm so psyched to see him live. You can expect a recap later in the week.

Sorry for the grainy vid, but I love it.

(poster from citycenter.org)

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