02 September 2009

What the ... Wednesday: You 'Cry-Baby' You

Earlier I noticed that the movie Cry-Baby is on Hulu now. My friend and I love Cry Baby; actually we just love anything with Johnny Depp.

Anyways, my favorite part of the movie comes at the end when Alison sings Please Mr. Jailer on top of a car while wearing a sassy dress. A little-known fact is that Amy Locane and Johnny Depp didn't actually sing on the track. Their voices were dubbed à la Zac Efron in the first High School Musical (shout out to Drew Seeley). However, I'm not sure if the part in the song where Cry-Baby growls is really Depp or not. If you know if it's really him, let me know. In the meantime, watch the movie below.

(photo from hollywoodteenmovies.com)

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