31 October 2009

The Halloween Spirit

Since my mom's from Jamaica (a.k.a. an island with no Halloween), my family was never really big on the holiday. Plus growing up in a building with much older residents, there was no trick-or-treating for me.

My main Halloween celebrations always happened at school when we had our big Halloween class parties and would dress up. My first year of Pre-K I was a bumble bee and my second year I was a pumpkin. In kindergarten I was a nurse, in first grade I was Minnie Mouse and in second grade I was a white ninja (Power Rangers-related). In third grade we weren't really allowed to dress up for some reason if I remember correctly, but we could wear masks. Mine was a clown mask, but it was way too warm so I didn't really wear it.

I didn't dress up again until my senior year of high school because my school only let the seniors wear costumes. My freshman year a bunch of seniors wore scrubs and played doctors. I decided that's what I would do because it was simple and I'd have some new pajamas after the holiday was over. That was the last time I officially dressed up.

Last year I was unofficially Blair Waldorf and Ryan Sheckler's girlfriend. The day before Halloween I had on a very Blair Waldorf-ish outfit and my blouse's buttons (see above photo) even had the letter B topped with a crown á la "Queen Bee." And then on Halloween my hoodie (see profile pic), jeans and skate sneakers made me look like a sk8r girl, or Ryan Sheckler's girlfriend as my friends called me.

This year I did attach some pipe cleaners to a headband, but I didn't actually wear it. Oh well. But whenever I decide to get a trainer to work on my six-pack, I'm going to be Princess Jasmine, baring my midriff and all.

Now here are my favorite Halloween moments:

1) That 70s Show - I never really watched this show until it was off the air. Now that it's in syndication I can't get enough of it. One of my favorite characters is Fez. I love how he can't believe that you get free candy on Halloween if you dress up, plus his reaction at the end of this video is priceless. Unfortunately I can't post the video, but click on the picture below to watch.

2) How I Met Your Mother - I love Barney on How I Met Your Mother. I haven't watched the show regularly, but his classic "suit up" gets me every time. In the Halloween episode, I like how he tweaked it to "flightsuit up" when he did the whole Top Gun thing. Classic.

3) Current TV - Halloween may have started off as a religious-related holiday, but it's definitely not as serious as before. However, I don't think the switch happened as quickly as it does in this parody.

4) Michael Jackson - How can I do a Halloween post and not include Thriller? I think this is one of the most, if not, the most imitated dance of all time. But none of them come close to the original. Enjoy!

(Jason Mraz photo from his TwitPic; screenshot from "That 70s Show" episode)

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