05 October 2009

Monday Madness: 'SNL' and the New Pop Princess

Move over Britney. You may have made out with Madonna, but the Queen of Pop has crowned a new princess and her name is Lady GaGa.

Madonna made a cameo on Saturday night's SNL episode in a "Deep House Dish" skit alongside performer for the evening, Lady Gaga. Never in an SNL sketch have I seen so much leather and pantslessness all at once.

I loved their face-off. My favorite part was when Madonna yelled, "What the hell's a disco stick!" to which GaGa replied, "I think you know." Genius! Of course Andy Samberg and his wacky expressions stole the show.

Style Sidenote: Now we know that if we plan on getting dragged on the floor by the Queen of Pop, thigh-high boots come in handy and save your knees. Also, did anyone notice how sheer GaGa's bottoms were? Is that allowed on NBC now? From last week's "f'n" slip to the GaGa g-string, SNL is sure pushing the boundaries of network TV this season.

(photo from nbc.com)

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