31 October 2009

Now for Some Halloween Costume Inspiration

Welcome to Halloween 2009 my dears. With all the great options out there this year, there really is something for everyone. If you're one of the millions who still doesn't know what they're wearing to the party tonight, maybe my Looklet creations will give you some ideas.

1) Gatsby Girl - If you've read by Blogger profile, you probably noticed that the first book I list as my fave is The Great Gatsby. Recently I was invited to a Gatsby party at the MET, but couldn't make it. However, if I had gone, I would have worn something to this effect.

2) Lil J - I've been a die hard Gossip Girl fan since reading the books back in high school (i.e. pre-show). One of my favorite characters to look at style-wise is Jenny, a.k.a. Lil J. Her look's transformed from Pretty in Pink to Courtney Love grunge rocker chic in just three seasons, and I'm loving every raccoon-eyed minute of it.

3) Jane - Have a animal print dress you really want to wear, but it never seems to be the right time? Slip it on, grab some flat sandals and call yourself Jane for a night. Who knows - maybe you'll meet your Tarzan.

4) Catwoman - Everywhere I go there's a little boy dressed as Batman or a grown man reliving his childhood fantasies by dressing as Batman. Anywho, I haven't seen anyone dressed as Catwoman. What's up with that ladies? Must they do another Catwoman movie for the feline felon to make a comeback? If so, I will gladly fill Halle's leather jumpsuit and stiletto boots.

5) Gypsy - One of my favorite Disney characters is Esméralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She was a gypsy with pizazz and heart of gold. Now while this creation doesn't quite resemble Esméralda's outfits from the Disney flick, it does give off a cool bohemian vibe that is purely Esméralda-esque.

6) Alice - From one Disney character to the next, I give you the GRAE New York version of Alice in Wonderland. A skirt with a bubble hem line, a bodysuit and multi-colored oxfords update the classic bow-in-hair, blue apron dress and smart shoes with a touch of sexy. That's what Halloween's all about, isn't it?

7) Britney Spears - Originally this was the "glam" look, but after careful consideration I decided to go with Britney Spears. Brit Brit's been rocking some crazy leggings and bodysuits on her Circus tour this year which are often paired with boots like these. Plus if you look at past videos, she's been known to rock some funky jackets. What would we do without Brit Brit.

8) Dressed, Yet Not - If you have to work on Halloween, quit your job! Just kidding. In this recession, don't even think about it. But if you have a job that doesn't allow you to dress up, there are ways around it. Take this look for example. See how wild west I made it with the simple addition of that saddle poncho and the prairie boots? Look for pieces in your closet that let you dress for Halloween, yet not really.

9) Lady GaGa - Aah yes, the GaGa look. I teased you with it earlier in the week and here it is. The mask - the bodysuit - the collar - the necklace - those leggings - and yes, the amazing platforms - all good for some GaGa fun.

Now what are you waiting for? Get an outfit together and find a great party. If you run into "Breeyoncé," tell her I said hello. ;-)

Happy Halloween!

(all photos from the graenewyork Looklet creations)

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