18 October 2009

Sunday Sounds: In Constant Replay

I couldn't let Sunday pass without doing a Sunday Sounds post. Here's what I've been playing on a loop for the past few days.

(1) Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better

Has anyone ever annoyed you to the point that you wondered if you slept with them, you might like them better? Apparently Amanda Blank has too, so you're not alone.

(2) Leighton Meester - Set It On Fire

Yes my dears, Leighton Meester is a trendsetter both on screen and off. And the best part is, she knows it. Just check out the lyrics to this song: Why you think the club hot? Cause I set it on fire. Why you think the carpet red? Cause I set it on fire. You wanna taste, but ya tongue gon' burn. Think about it. Don't be stupid. Boys when will they ever learn.

For some reason, I can't find any videos with this song playing in the background, so go to this site to have a listen: hypem.com

(3) Shakira - Did It Again

She Wolf is good, but Did It Again is better. I loved when Shakira performed it on Dancing with the Stars last week. Only she could drum and lean backwards at the same time in platform boots and a bodysuit.

(4) Kara - Mister

My mom has been trying to nail Kara's Mister dance and in the process the song has gotten stuck in my head. It's cute and poppy, just like these girls.

(5) G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

Again, my mom was trying to nail another K-Popper's dance moves. Again, the song got stuck in my head. Luckily I like it!

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