01 October 2009

Take 5 Thursday: Not Falling for Cellphones

I'm going to another Fall for Dance show tonight. The program I went to last week was amazing, and yes, a review will be up tomorrow.

At last week's show, someone's cellphone went off as the curtain was about to rise. This resulted in the usher yelling, "Turn off your cellphones!" Then people started taking pictures and he yelled, "Put away your cameras!" Then as one of the many intermissions drew to a close he yelled, "Turn off your cellphones. Put away your Blackberries, iPhones, cameras, iPods." Poor thing. As we get new technology, that list will only keep getting longer.

Maybe if someone's phone goes off tonight, one of the performers will pull a Hugh Jackman/Daniel Craig and point them out in the crowd. Better yet, maybe Hugh or Daniel will be in the audience and do it for them. Now that I'd love to see.

(photo from nycitycenter.org)

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