06 November 2009

Flashback Friday: Yeah Yankees!

Think New York can't get any more energetic than it already is? Guess again. When a home team wins, there's no stopping us fans from gathering in the city streets to celebrate with the team.

Growing up right outside NYC, a Yankees World Series win always meant that we got to rock Yankee gear at school (a major event if you went to a Catholic school like mine). It also meant a chunk of the class would be absent on parade day.

This year I was hoping to finally go to the parade and see Jeter and the boys float on down Broadway, but I had a French midterm. Yes, class ruins everything. But next year (and there will be a 2010 win if Steinbrenner has anything to say about this - listen to the boss boys), I plan to be right there with the rest of the Yankee fans cheering our boys on.

In the 21 years I've been alive, the Yankees have won five World Series titles. And to my BFF, yes, all of them just happen to have been won with Jeter on the team. It was great to see how the team came together this season to produce a win and prove once again they're the best team in baseball.

There's no better way to christen a new stadium than by winning the World Series.


Can't believe I remember all these wins:

#23 - The '96 win.
(photo from NY Daily News)

#24 - The '98 win.
(photo from Confessions of a She-Fan)

#25 - The '99 win.
(photo from NY Daily News)

#26 - 2000 win.
(photo from NYC Photo Gallery)

#27 - 2009 win.
(photo from NY Daily News)

Here's hoping the Yankees do it again next year cause a girl could get used to this.


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