01 November 2009

Sunday Sounds: The Jump Offs

I know I'm supposed to be on hiatus until next week, but I just couldn't let Sunday roll into Monday without doing a Sunday Sounds post about a new album by one of my favorite bands, The Jump Offs.

Like many things in life, I learned about The Jump Offs from Twitter (thank @alissawins boys). Alissa had replied to one of the band's members one day and his username caught my eye (yes, you @landonjumpoff). I soon learned Landon Tom was one-fifth of The Jump Offs, band roster completed by Oliver Boe, Luke Aguinaldo, Chris Gima and Bob Deeter.

While this indie band's sound is reminiscent of the Artic Monkeys, their home base is nowhere near the UK. The Jump Offs hail from Hawaii and rep their state to the fullest. When I told him I love the album, Landon replied, "tell all of NYC Hawaii said what up!" Will do. Just did.

The Jump Off's self-titled album is currently available on iTunes and I'm in love with it. Their sound is raw and has so many layers. Definitely the best $9.99 I've spent on an album in a long time.

(band photo from MySpace and album photo from Twitter)

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