29 November 2009

Sunday Sounds: Lady GaGa Live

You know I love my Lady GaGa. I like to think I knew about her before everyone else since I first started listening to her back in '07.

I'm excited to see what she does for The Monster Ball Tour. I don't have tickets, but I do have access to YouTube. I just came across some footage of GaGa kicking off her tour in Montreal two days ago and I'm loving it. Do you?

Just Dance
I knew this song would be a hit when I first heard it way back when.

Love Game
Where can I meet sexy Cupid?

Boys Boys Boys
"I like you a lot lot, think you're really hot hot"

"don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch, just smoke my cigarette and hush"

"he ate my heart"

Poker Face (Piano Version)
yes, that's Kid Cudi

"I'm so fierce that it's so nuts"

The Fame
"yes, we live for the fame"

Paper Gangsta
"Don't want no paper gangsta, won't sign away my life to someone"

Poker Face
"and baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun"

"we're plastic but we still have fun"

(photo from PopDirt)

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