22 November 2009

Sunday Sounds: Live Blogging the AMAs

Who else was watching the American Music Awards tonight? Wasn't it sick!

For those of you who didn't watch, you missed a great show packed full of awesome performances. Here's how it all went down.

• "Ladies and gentleman, Janet Jackson." – ‘nough said
• Janet's still got it! Go girl!
• Paula looks good – love that black gown!
• Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group: The Black Eyed Peas
• Fergie looks good.
• Country Band/Duo/Group: Rascal Flatts
• The Rascal Flatts guy in the vest is cute … What’s is name? Most importantly, is he married?
• Pete Wentz looks hot with the low hair and light beard … plus a little leather jacket never hurts
• Daughtry – love them, but still haven’t felt like getting the newest album

• Shakira – serious dance troupe, loves it
• "Un papacito rico amor ..." that's all I caught, lol … luv Sofia Vergara
• Still find it hard to believe that Keith Urban’s Australian … his inflection’s so good
• 15 AMAs? wow Reba
• Kelly Clarkson looks good … wasn’t a big fan of the last record; I actually liked “My December” better … anyone else?
• Joe Perry and Snoop Dogg should collaborate
• Female Pop/Rock: Taylor Swift
• Me: Why’s A-Rod there and Jeter’s not. Mom: He’s getting sexy on stage now?
• Jay-Z looking dapper on stage
• Alicia Keys has by far one of the coolest voices ever! Best. Jacket. Ever.
• "Empire State of Mind" audience reactions: GaGa’s expressionless. NeYo’s conducting. Whitney excitedly singing along. Ditto for Perez.
• Christian Slater rockin’ the leather and lookin’ hot. I like.
• Alternative Rock: Green Day … but I wanted KoL to win
• BEP: Fergie rockin’ the over-the-knee boots, I like – not sure why will.i.am has that instrument strapped around him if he’s not playing it – is it just me or does the DJ look like Chad Hugo?
• Ooh, Nirvana mosh pit time! Loves it.
• Audience during BEP performance: Who’s Seth Green dating?
• Selena Gomez looking adorable.
• Go MJ! R.I.P.
• Every time I hear the Zac Brown Band’s name I think it’s the Zac Efron Band and get confused.
• Country Male Artist: Keith Urban
• Mom: "These cowboys look good."
• Soul/R&B Female: Beyoncé … figured; should have been Keri

• RiRi time!
• Cool contraption, sick outfit, feelin’ the blonde look, nice boots, is that a new tat – what’s it say? (later found out: it's fake and says "Rated R" ... good way to promote the new album!)
• The Twitter consensus: Love Rihanna’s shoulder pads, but what was with that tattoo?
• Carrie Underwood - I think Courtney Galiano was a dancer for her. Loves it.
• Lady GaGa – she’s not just a singer, she’s a performance artist …
• According to the Twitterverse there was a competition between GaGa and RiRi … and GaGa just won. According to me: I thought they were both amazing. Go girls! Great albums. Go get ‘em people.
• Drake in all black. Cudi in blue. Jeremih’s in a vest. He should have worn all grey so they could look like they’re in a boy band.
• Love Mary’s dress. I want a dress with an asymmetrical hemline.
• Again, Perez rocking out. Boy loves his music. Love him!
• Colbie Caillat presenting – I like how her dress moves!
• Best Breakthrough: Gloriana
• Twitter consensus: Glory what? Me: GaGa was robbed! ... love how the guy in Gloriana had to explain they're from Nashville and toured with T-Swift ... Me: T-Swift connection? Oh, that explains it.
• J.Lo – now that’s how you enter and exit the stage … note to self: get boxing announcer
• Twitter consensus: J.Lo fell! Me: But she rocked Louboutins. That's all that matters.
• Why’s Samuel L. Jackson there? Never mind.
• Whitney does all white like Rihanna. Not feeling this song though. Sorry Whitney.
• International Award of Excellence: Whitney Houston
• Country Female: Taylor Swift ... again
• I love Melissa Ethridge’s blazer
• Pop/Rock Male: Michael Jackson … obviously he would win – MJ’s pop, Eminem & T.I. are rap … sidenote: is rap not a category
• Love Alicia’s lip color … not sure about this song though … love the choreography on the brick wall … hope that guy doesn’t jump down and pull a J.Lo … he landed safely, yay! Ooh, not only can pianos catch on fire, they can fly too.
• Again, who was that girl with Seth Green?
• Yeah Em! Haha, “Crack a Bottle” … funny story about that track (you know who you are) … 50 sounded like he came out singing … I like … Why didn’t Drake perform with Em?
• Me: “Whoo Tim Time!”… @heatherrenee25 “remember when Nelly Furtado was innocent singing about being a bird? hahaha now shes a freakin sex pot”
• Dominic Monahan’s on TV still? Yay!
• Is it just me or was Green Day livelier with their last album?
• I know Toni’s short, but Keri’s really tall … never realized that before
• Oh, Rap/Hip-Hop is a category … then why were Em and T.I. in the other one?
• Rap/Hip-Hop: Jay-Z
• And everyone in the Twitterverse starts tweeting, “Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.” Who else thinks that'll be a Trending Topic by the end of the night?
• Ryan Seacrest, the Dick Clark of my generation
• Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift?
• Taylor wins 5 AMAs … really? What about GaGa? And where's Kanye when you need him?
• “I just want to say that music has never been ultimately a competition.” – nice Taylor, love how shocked she is

• Mom thinks Adam stole G-Dragon’s new hairstyle.
• Adam's performance reminded me of everyone else's performances put together: vocals of GaGa (sort of), hair of G-Dragon, Shakira’s hip thrusting, someone's mirror (someone else had a mirror right?), Rihanna’s spiky shoulder pads, Janet's sexuality, J.Lo's fall
• Twitterverse is officially scared of him.

What a frightening end to such a great show.

The highlights of the show for me were definitely Janet's whole performance, the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" remix in BEP's performance, Drake looking hot, Shakira's step dancers, Rihanna rockin' out and GaGa being Gaga.

Who else watched? What did you think? Did T-Swift take one too many? Were GaGa and KoL robbed? Comments please.

(photos from JustJared, G-Dragon photo from All K.Pop)

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