15 November 2009

Sunday Sounds: Rated R - The Review

When I should have been asleep Friday night, I found myself awake, online and listening to Rihanna's new album.

Rated R was definitely worth losing sleep over. On tracks like Rude Boy she takes her last album's Good Girl Gone Bad title and runs with it. Tracks like Russian Roulette and Stupid in Love are more personal and give a little insight into what's been going through her mind these past couple of months.

Rihanna's sound has evolved and matured since her last album. Rated R is less pop and more rock-heavy for some well-welcomed edge. One of the album's highlights is Rockstar 101, a collaboration with guitar legend Slash. Currently Cold Case Love, written and produced by Justin Timberlake, is generating a lot of online buzz.

Rated R comes out November 23. From beginning to end it's definitely worth a listen.

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