10 November 2009

Tuesday Time Out: Rihanna, Woman of the Year

Last night Rihanna was honored by Glamour Magazine with "The Back-On-Top Superstar" award at the Women of the Year Awards held at NYC's Carnegie Hall.

Watch her acceptance speech here.

And in case the video gets removed from YouTube, here's the transcript from JustJared:

(wipes tear from eye) Sorry, I’m PMSing.

As usual, I decided to wear the tightest dress I could find. Shoutout to Amy!

I am shaking right now - I am so nervous - but overwhelmed and honored by this honor to be Glamour’s Woman of the Year.

I didn’t even know I had to speak, I didn’t know what kind of event it was, I didn’t know anything until a few hours ago. I had to say to [poet] Maya Angelou, I love you but you made this terribly more difficult for me. (pulls out piece of paper) So I made a little thank-you so I wouldn’t forget anybody.

First, thank you to Iman - it’s very incredible that you’re presenting me with an award. It was a real honor to be named Glamour’s Woman of the Year, especially because I think of myself as just becoming a woman. I just turned 21 this year.

Just to be mentioned in this group of women is overwhelming. I love being a part of a night where we’re celebrating women and such strong women. Thank you, Glamour, for giving me Woman of the Year. Thank you, [Glamour editor-in-chief] Cindi Leive. [JustJared.com] I also want to thank all the people who helped get me here. Melissa [Forde], my best friend, Krista, Mark, [Roc Nation executive] Jay Brown, Jay-Z, [producer] L.A. Reid, everyone on my label at Def Jam, my girls (stylist) Mariel [Haenn], (makeup artist) Mylah [Morales], (hairdresser) Ursula [Stephen]. They help me look cute! Everyone at Revlon, and my entire family who flew here from Barbados - shout-out to you mommy, hi!

I really look up to my gran-gran and my mom. They are my two women of the year. I love you very much, granny. I love you very much, mom.

They’ve shown me what strong women can accomplish and achieve. Without their unconditional love and guidance, I wouldn’t be here and I hope I can be an example to young girls and women today. Thanks so much.

(photo from JustJared)

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