24 December 2009

Fashion Forward: Pauly D's Hair 101

Not since the Hotti Gotti heydays has anyone on TV rocked the blowout harder than DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore. In this video from the Daily News, my boy shows how he achieves the look.

Now how many of you guys will be looking for Joico ICE Spiker Styling Glue and got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray in your stockings this Christmas?

Who else thinks Pauly D will be the new spokesperson for one or both of these products in the new year? I hope his manager's reading this. (And if he doesn't have one yet, I've got dibs on that job. What? I'll be an unemployed college grad soon enough, and I have ideas for that dude and his British accent!)

(screenshot from YouTube)

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