24 December 2009

Funny or Die Goes 'Jersey Shore'

It's Thursday. You know what that means ... a new episode of Jersey Shore is on tonight! In this week's episode we'll see the aftermath of Snooki getting punched and find out if Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart's relationship can survive a boat party. (Don't you love that this is what television has become? Yet I can't seem to take my eyes off this bronzed and buff cast.)

I think the controversy surrounding the show is actually making more people watch it. Actress Alyssa Milano has spoken out about her disdain for the show's portrayal of Italian-Americans. Although I can see why she finds the show offensive, I think she should look on the bright side - it's educational. In last week's episode we learned that people dance battle to house music. Who knew? I hope Jon M. Chu and Adam Shankman are watching because we need to see this in Step Up 4. And note that Step Up 4 rhymes with Jersey Shore. See, I'm a genius. (Mr. Chu, Mr. Shankman, I await your call ... or tweet.)

Anyway, Alyssa's taken her protest to FunnyOrDie.com. In this skit she undergoes a Jersey Shore makeover, big hair and all.

I'm not sure if getting made up as a busted version of Snooki is the right way to protest the show. Nor do I think it's a very funny Funny or Die skit. (Did you laugh?) While I would spend my winter break writing a funnier skit for Alyssa, I'd rather use my free time to revamp GNY for the new year. (Sidenote: Go GRAE in 2010!)

Now a funny Funny or Die skit is The REAL Situation with, you guessed it, the Jersey Shore cast. In this skit Pauly D, Snooki and The Situation show off their acting chops. Might I add that Pauly D breaks out in a British accent.

Now wasn't that funny? This trio's more than fake tans and fist pumping. From watching Jersey Shore for the past three weeks, I don't think the show's fake. It seems realer to me than most "reality shows" and I will keep watching.

(screenshots from FunnyOrDie.com)

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