26 December 2009

hitRECord: Morgan & Destiny

If you've seen (500) Days of Summer, you can understand why everyone's starting to pay more attention to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I really didn't know who he was until I saw the (500) Days trailer and took to IMDB to find out who the cute guy in the movie was.

My friend is a huge fan of his so I get JGL news updates often. She told me he was on Twitter. I now follow him. Somehow that led me to find out he has a Tumblr. Once again, I now follow him.

Two days ago, JGL posted Morgan & Destiny on his Tumblr. I love the acting and the visuals, but it's the dialogue that really struck me. Phrases like "narcissing himself in the double glass" and "person paws" sound like they should be included on Lady GaGa's next record. I love stuff like this. Check it out.

Morgan & Destiny from hitRECord Joe on Vimeo.

(photo from Wonderland Magazine)

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Kingthee said...

not a fan of "3rd Rock From the Sun"? or the classic "Angels In the Outfield". he used to have long hair.kinda made him look like a girl.