07 December 2009

Monday Madness: 'SNL' - Lively, Yet Not So Much

It seems that the SNL sketch about Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren is rubbing some people the wrong way. Critics are saying that the domestic violence skit should not have been featured on the same episode as Rihanna's appearance. I disagree. SNL's skits have always focused on what's going on in the news regardless of who the musical guest is. It's not like the Tiger skit wasn't tastefully done. Watch and judge for yourself.

While I love Blake Lively and was impressed by her accents (Swedish, Staten Island, mallrat), I wasn't really into the show's sketches (as usual). The highlight of the night for me was Rihanna. Her performances rocked! Who can forget the red chain mail she wore for Russian Roulette. Not that's fierce. Her digital short with Andy Samberg was the best sketch of the night.

In Shy Ronnie, a red-headed Andy meekly rapped beside Rihanna who urged him multiple times to speak up to no avail. It wasn't until she left that he let loose. I love when Ri sings that she "should have just paid Kanye." Nice to know someone's still on his side. They should get her to host SNL one of these days, you know, when they write some sketches that are actually worth watching. Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake can't do all the work people.

(photos from nbc.com)

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