14 December 2009

Monday Madness: Taylor (Male Version) Does 'SNL'

Taylor Lautner hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend. If you've read my past SNL posts, you know how I feel about this season. Although Taylor was pretty funny, the skits bored me once again.

The highlight of the latest episode was when I remembered Lautner was on and switched the TV from The Wanda Sykes Show to NBC in time to see him do some fancy flips, kick Kanye's head off and cozy up to a mannequin of T-Swift. After that it was basically all downhill from there, but at the end I did want one of those talking doorbells. Mine would say, "Bonjour. If you're not JT or Shia, go away. Thank you."

If the VMAs went like this, Kanye would have lost his head ... literally.

A lame attempt at a Glee spoof.
I hope Taylor doesn't use those dance moves when he and T-Swift go out.

Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, I hope you're reading this.

I want a fancy doorbell.

(screenshot from nbc.com)

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