06 December 2009

Sunday Sounds: Meet Billy Crawford

It's finals week and I have papers due. Of course, Twitter has distracted me from doing said papers. I was looking at Nick Zano's profile which led me to Jenna Dewan's which led me to the topic of this Sunday Sounds post.

Jenna tweeted that Manila-born singer Billy Crawford reminds her of Justin Timberlake, so of course I had to see for myself. As I watched a playlist of his videos I realized that I remember him from my middle school days. When I used to get ready for school I watched The Box which aired his videos, but I never knew who Billy was until now.

Billy's more well known in Europe and the Phillipines than the US. He came to the states when he was 11 and attended the Professional Performing Arts School with Nina Sky and Mandy Moore whom he dated for almost a year. Billy's currently dating Filipina singer/actress/host/model Nikki Gil.

When you see Billy's videos below, you'll see Jenna was right. His dance moves do sort of remind me of JT's.

Urgently in Love
Love late '90s dance moves.

Mary Lopez
I wonder if he ever found Mary Lopez.

He really does speak conversational French.

When You Think About Me
Bustin' out the wind machine. Gotta luv it.

You Didn't Expect That
Love videos shot in deserts.

Me Passer de Toi (Someone Like You)
Trivia: Billy lived in Paris for 5 years.

Bright Lights
Videos shot in Brazil always look hot. It's the people and the scenery.

Steamy Nights
Yes, that is Jenna Dewan in the video.

Human Nature
This is a really good cover of MJ's song.

(photo from Billy's MySpace)

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